Mott Landscaping is the most certified green roof and wall professional installers in the area...AND is LEED Certified!                       Mott Landscaping received a special recognition award from the Lower Cape Fear Stewardship Development Program for their Green Roof Design and Installation on Dock Street!                   Mott Landscaping received an award from the City of Wilmington tree commission for Outstanding Functional Design at New Hanover Regional Medical Hospital Betty Cameron Women's and Children's Center.

South Front Street Apartments - Green Roofs

Mott Roofscaping one of the largest commercial landscaping and irrigation contractors in the Carolinas.

We are Green Roof Contractors that will help you design/build your green roof, which can include but not limited to sedums, grasses, shrubs, large trees, hardscape, water features, lighting features, irrigation, bog ponds.

Mott Roofscaping has a 15 acre nursery where we grow a variety of green roof plants which helps us make your green roof more cost effective and the knowledge that these plants will grow in the area.

Mott Roofscaping is the most certified Green Roof Contractor in the area. Our certifications include: Green Roof Design, Green Roof Infrastructure: Design and Installation, Green Roof Waterproofing and Design, Green Roof Plants and Growing Medium, Green Walls Systems and Design, Green Roof Urban Agriculture. Mott Landscaping has passed the first to be given in the USA Green Roof Professional Accreditation exam, and are LEED AP certified.

Our licenses include: NC landscape contractor, NC irrigation, NC wholesale nursery, NC plant collector.

Members of Cape Fear Green Building Alliance, Cape Fear Home Builders, Cape Fear Riverwatch.

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